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Let go of the past with NLP techniques

How many times it has happened that you have tried to forget a person and failed to do so? The most important reason you keep going to the person or the memory is the emotional happiness you get while thinking about her.

This is also true when you are grieving the loss of a near one. It is true, one cannot replace a person, but you have to decide to move on for sanity’s sake.

Take a piece of paper and write down exactly why you still are repeating behavior you so desperately want to let go off.

Write down the happy things you did with him.

Write down all the good emotions you felt.

Once your list is complete, write down what other things you can do today, to feel the same feelings you felt with the person. It can be talking to a new friend, taking up a new sport, joining a support group or simply watching more movies on TV.

In the end, you are reprogramming your brain to think differently! Use will power to stay on course and once your brain is used to think differently it will get accustomed to being happy without going back to its old program.


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