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NLP’s four-point formula for success in a difficult situation

Know your outcome-

Most people would remain angry or sad for long periods of time without actually finding out exactly what they require, or what is the outcome they wish to see, in order to be in a peaceful frame of mind again. Once you are in an unwanted stressful situation it is important to know the final outcome- What is exactly you want? Do you want peace, happiness, mental stability?  

Take action-

Nothing is going to happen unless and until you choose to do something about it. Even if you know what you want, things won’t change if you don’t take steps towards your goal. The best thing to do is to encourage yourself to reach your destination. Make notes in your diary, keep your goals posted on the calendar and ask your friends to remind you to stick to your goals.

Develop sensory awareness-

You should be aware of your body and senses and if something is not working you should realize it soon enough. This means that once you have set your goals and are inching towards them, you can judge if the steps or behavior is not working and make changes to eventually meet your goal.

Maintain behavioral flexibility

There is a very famous NLP theorem suggesting that anyone can influence a situation if she has flexible thinking and is not rigid in her behavior. In other words, you have the power to change your life if you have a very flexible attitude. Therefore in line with the point made above, be aware that one of the steps is not working so that you can alter your feeling and steps to reach your final goal of being happy.


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