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*Join my support groups on WhatsApp, and discuss your problems with those who are in the same boat. Often, discussing your problems, with those who are going through a similar phase of life, leads to finding solutions that are otherwise difficult to find.

I also offer  *Year –long support either through your phone, email or Skype &  *Consultation and practical solutions for your problems.

Anuradha Shukla NLP Life Coach

If you are going through a breakup I will help you forget that man or woman.
If you are low on confidence I will improve your self-confidence.If you are depressed I will help you become a happy soul.
If you are shy I will help you speak confidently.
If you are lonely I will help you create a very enjoyable life.
If it’s lack of self- understanding I will give you solid self- understanding.
If you are grieving I will help you overcome your grief.

In a nut -shell, I will help you remove all your unwanted emotions, and live a happy life.

Clients can talk about their problems with assured privacy

My solutions will include suggestions from a trained life coach and NLP practitioner (i.e. me) who will review your problem and give a very practical advice to change your behavior. I will reply using email, and will be available to discuss this solution for 30 minutes via phone or Skype at a mutually agreeable time.

However, if you wish to continue counselling, you can register for it by emailing me and I will be in touch via email, phone, Skype to ensure you are on the right path of recovery.I  will talk to you for 30 minutes each week to monitor and mentor. Email support is also available with complete assurance of privacy.

Over the past few years I have helped people feel better about life, enjoy freedom from their unwanted emotions and understand themselves better. You can email me for all kinds of problems like –

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